The MINI Cooper and its siblings are made to deliver a safer and smarter drive so you can enjoy peace of mind on your journey. Read our overview of the safety features available on MINI models to find out how MINI is looking out for you.

Explore Dynamic Safety Features From MINI

Dynamic design starts with the MINI’s ultra-rigid body and smart airbags, made to constantly protect you and your passengers. From there, Active and Passive safety features work to deliver preventive and assistive performance.

Active Safety

Active safety features include active brakes that automatically prepare for an emergency stop whenever your foot suddenly leaves the gas. The active brakes also dry themselves in wet weather, indicated when your wipers are on. 


Dynamic Stability control is another active safety feature that automatically supplies selective brake pressure or engine power to keep your MINI stable and in control. 

Passive Safety

Passive safety features include the crash sensor system and breakaway engine. The crash sensor system knows how to respond in the face of an accident. The system automatically unlocks your doors, turns on interior and hazard lights, and cuts the fuel pump when airbags have been activated, all to help you get to your next steps after a crash. Meanwhile, the breakaway engine is designed to literally break off and absorb the impact of a crash in order to divert harm from the cockpit. 

Enhanced Safety Options

Adaptive cruise control and Head-Up Display continue the convenience of driving a car smart enough to anticipate your every safety need. Adaptive cruise control allows you to maintain a consistent speed, even as your conditions and roads change. The system even uses video to view and monitor speed to keep a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you. 


The available Head-Up Display appears in your line of vision on command, allowing you to see essential information about your speed, navigation directions, and other alerts, without taking your eyes off the road ahead.


Finally, Cornering Brake Control helps you maintain your grip while taking tight corners. The system balances out brake force to the wheels that need it most, maximizing traction and agility.

Experience These Features at MINI of Madison

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