When you set out to do some spring cleaning this year, remember to tackle more than just the house, garage, and backyard.


After enduring months of winter wear-and-tear, your car deserves some spring cleaning as well. There are two reasons to tidy up your car as the weather changes: The first is to help it recover from the winter, and the second is to prepare it for a new set of challenges in the spring. 


Below are three spring cleaning tips for each. 

Winter Recovery 

Here are three things you can do to clean up the mess after a long winter:

  • If you live in an area that gets some snow and ice in the winter, your car is likely coated with road salt come spring. Washing off that salt will prevent it from corroding and rusting your paint job. And don’t forget to rinse off the undercarriage to preserve the more essential parts of your vehicle. 
  • You’ve just spent months tracking snow and moisture into the cabin with your feet. Give those floor mats a thorough cleaning to remove any salty, sludgy residue. 
  • We tend to accumulate clutter in our cars during wintertime: clothing, ice scrapers, and other items that we don’t need during warmer months. Free up space in your car and possibly even save a little money on gas mileage by removing any cold weather clutter. 

Spring Preparation

Cleaning is not just reactive — it can also be proactive. Here are three ways to clean in preparation for warmer weather:

  • With hotter temperatures on the horizon, a fresh coat of wax can help protect your paint job from the sun’s summer rays. It can also provide a protective layer against all the spring pollen that likes to build up on cars. 
  • Windshields tend to build up some blemishes during winter. Giving your windshield a thorough cleaning inside and out will improve visibility and reduce sun glare during the warmer months.
  • Headlights and turn signal lights can also accumulate dirt and grime during winter, and cleaning these off will make the road a safer place for your vehicle.

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