As you begin to travel and run errands again, take special precautions to keep your car clean and disinfected. Continue reading to learn more.

Tips to Safely Sanitize Your Car

Use a Safe and Approved Disinfectant

While bleach, Clorox products, and disposable paper towels may be your go-tos for disinfecting your home, these products will do irreparable damage to the soft materials in your car, especially organic surfaces such as leather. Car manufacturers and assembly plants alike turn to isopropyl alcohol to disinfect their cars. A concentration of 70% or more will remove any potential contaminants that could harm you or your passengers. Rather than using paper towels which are abrasive, use a clean, soft terry cloth to wipe the interior of your car instead.

Don’t Forget the Air Filters

Most cars have at least two air filters. One keeps foreign matter from entering the engine while the other keeps dust and particles from entering the cabin through the air vents. Over time, these filters can become clogged and ineffective. This means that air containing dust, pollen, and other irritants is cycling through your car. Check the filters and replace them if needed. This will help to ensure you and your passengers breathe only clean, fresh air free from contaminants.

Pull Out the Vacuum

Salt from winter boots, dirt, dust, and grime can become embedded in the carpet of your car. This matter can be stirred into the air with movement which lowers the breathing quality of the air within the cabin. Now that the winter months are behind us, pull out the vacuum, put on a dust or fabric mask to avoid inhaling any particles, and go to town. Pay special attention to areas that may be hidden from view as this can be an easy place for dirt to pile up unnoticed.

Scrub Down the Exterior

Commonly touched surfaces on the exterior of your car such as the door handles and hatch can be cleaned and disinfected with a simple car wash. Make washing your car a part of your regular cleaning routine. Enlist the help of the kids as a way to keep them cool in the summer heat or drive to an automatic car wash, shift into neutral, and enjoy a few minutes of peace in your busy day.

Get Your MINI Detailed in Madison, WI

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